The Connected Infrastructure for Education, Demonstration, and Applied Research (CIEDAR) Consortium

What is CIEDAR?

CIEDAR is a new research and development marketplace for Texas State University. Operating under the MARC, CIEDAR serves as the transdisciplinary study of technologies with application to infrastructure.
A solar-powered smart light pole at STAR PARK.

We're building the future.

Collaborating with multiple industry partners, CIEDAR aims to establish 14 living labs across 800 acres with a focus on nine verticals to accelerate digitalization, decentralization, and decarbonization of industry via our own Technology Enhanced Infrastructure (TEI) framework.

Our areas of focus include smart utilities, smart buildings, smart water/wastewater, smart cities, smart mobility, networks, sensors, data/software and more. 

What is Technology Enhanced Infrastructure (TEI)?

Technology Enhanced Infrastructure (TEI) is a framework and architecture for the digitization and digitalization of construction and industrial assets.

  • Infrastructure Asset
  • Event Detection
  • Data Management 
  • Analytics
  • Asset Management 

Using sensors, network technology, databases, analytic tools with machine learning and artificial intelligence, and asset management software we monitor, control, maintain, repair and manage assets that last longer, cost less, are more energy efficient, and truly deliver on higher sustainability for the planet.


18 industry partners

We have partnerships with eighteen organizations across the private and public sectors and plan to onboard another twenty new members in the coming months.

14 Living Labs

We plan to develop fourteen smart living labs populated by expert faculty and students.

For more information, email Andres Carvallo, co-director of CIEDAR, at To contact other CIEDAR personnel, visit the people page.  

Two people working at their desks in a lab.